Residencies Program

The types of residencies offered at Avatar have been developed empirically over the years. They are designed to respond as closely as possible to the needs expressed by artists, while taking into account the possibilities and realities of the center.

Bureau de l'APA, La Majorité

This residency of two to three weeks aims to “stimulate” a project or a collaboration between an artist and Avatar in order to develop an idea and produce a new work that is directly connected to the art centre’s mandate and mission.>>> SUPPORT: Avatar provides an artist fee, studio time, artistic and technical support, as well as a per diem, accommodation, and transportation when needed.

Cascade-Marc Vilanova_credit Myriam Lambert

The extended residency supports research-creation and the development and production of a work over a period of four to six weeks in the studio, as well as additional occasional assistance over a period of three to eight months.This residency aims to encourage in-depth research, helping the artist to explore new avenues in their practice. It also seeks to establish the vitality of Avatar’s community by proposing a work rhythm oriented more towards a daily creative process. The projects supported through this residency are closely connected to the centre’s mission and mandate. The artist has the opportunity to further develop an aspect of their practice, an aspect on which Avatar can potentially have significant impact. For these projects, Avatar also considers the possibility of offering artists personalized training during their residency.>>> SUPPORT: Avatar provides an artist fee, studio time, artistic and technical support, as well as a per diem, accommodation, and transportation when needed.

Résidence Alexandre Bérubé_CR Marion Gotti-Avatar-01

This residency category offers an artist consultation time over a period of a few days to one week. At this stage, the artist has an initial idea for a project but has not yet tested out the concept. The artist needs time to better identify and examine the issues related to audio and electronic art. At the conclusion of a project development residency and in joint agreement with the artist, Avatar may decide to invest further in the project and support the development and production of the work through another type of residency.



Repères, Avatar

This intensive one-week residency is an opportunity to invite an artist who has made a significant contribution to audio art or another field to explore the medium of sound by working in the studio using a predetermined stereo format. The sound excavations are then disseminated through Avatar’s SoundCloud page and/or other contexts.>>> SUPPORT: Avatar provides an artist fee, 5 consecutive days in the studio, artistic and technical support, as well as a per diem, accommodation, and transportation when needed.Number of projects accepted per year: 2

E.g.: Markers


Et, la cohabitation des temporalités, Béchard Hudon

The production and dissemination assistance allows artists who are part of the programming to benefit from Avatar’s artistic and technical support as well as its specialized equipment, so as to carry out a dissemination project, distributed by the centre.>>> SUPPORT: Avatar provides 20 hours of artistic and technical support, 5 days in the studio, equipment rental, a dissemination fee, as well as a per diem, accommodation, and transportation when needed.Maximum number of projects accepted per year: 2

Orgue Guerande_Jocelyn Robert

This residency category covers projects that Avatar initiates or produces in collaboration with its partners. The residency conditions are determined in agreement with the partners. Most often, these projects involve open calls for work.The aim of this residency is to share affinities in thinking and vision with other local and international organizations whose mission and mandate are similar or complementary to Avatar’s and to encourage exchanges and the circulation of artists in our community.

Installation ops_Alexis Bellavance_CR Marion Gotti - Avatar-30

The concordance between an artist’s creative development and Avatar’s is embodied in the art commission. It first requires special funding (specific funding applications). If the funding is obtained, Avatar makes a significant financial contribution to the project, which includes living expenses, work time in Avatar’s spaces, and access to all of the centre’s resources.This category aims to build a strong relationship of reciprocity and a real intersection between the artist and the centre, in addition to facilitating the development and production of a work that wouldn’t happen otherwise. Ideally, the resulting projects make significant contributions to the discipline and the community. They occasion knowledge sharing and creative research and offer the artist an international reach, as well as publication or dissemination possibilities depending on the nature of the project.Number: One art commission every 2 years

Dyslexia_Marie-Soleil Kerouac_Avatar CR Carole Siciak-1011

These residencies highlight Avatar’s support of emerging practices. Artists receive artistic and technical assistance in accordance with a prior agreement.Residency for graduate students in artist-run centres : Prix Avatar , Première Ovation, Other.>>> SUPPORT: Avatar provides artistic and technical support, access to the small studio, equipment rental depending on the centre’s available supplies.



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