Alexis Bellavance

Installation / 2019

An audio-video work presented as part of the Festival de Cinéma de la Ville de Québec, in a container located at Place d’Youville, in Québec City.
The installation will offer festivalgoers and the general public an immersive experience, through a play of perspectives created from a series of images and sounds recorded on the St. Lawrence River.

ốps, a Greek word for eye or circular eye, is a two-part installative piece. First, Alexis Bellavance has developed a “floating eye” during his residency at Avatar in March and June 2019. This observation apparatus has allowed him to take a poetic glance at the St. Lawrence River. A camera inserted in the buoy designed by the artist has become the spectator of its own position, the witness of its own contemplative drifting. A glance/object. The images and the sounds recorded by the inventive buoy will be linked in the audio-video installation set up at Place d’Youville, which will open a window on the sea and allow for a contemplation of the water and the sky breathing.

This marks Avatar’s very first collaboration with the Festival de Cinéma de la Ville de Québec, as part of the Grands Angles event. The project is supported by the Entente de développement culturel de la Ville de Québec, in the Création numérique component.


Installation- September 13 to September 21, noon to 11 p.m., at Place d’Youville
*September 16 and 17, noon to 6 p.m.

Alexis Bellavance is the cofounder of performance event VIVA! Art action, and an active member of artist-run centre Perte de Signal. Based in Montreal, he regularly presents his work nationally and internationally.  A MFA candidate in Inter Media and Cyber Art (IMCA) at Concordia University, his researches have been supported by the Conseil des arts et des lettres du Québec and the Canada Council for the Arts. His work has been presented in individual and collective exhibitions as well as in festivals.

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