Algorithmic Drive

François Quévillon


Residency and diffusion event.

Presented on January 22 as of 5 p.m. at Avatar’s studio, Conduite algorithmique (Algorithmic Drive) is part of a body of works that examines technologies used by autonomous vehicles, as well as compilations of driving recorders broadcasted on the web. For this production, François Quévillon has recorded with a camera connected to his car’s onboard computer. His recordings feed a sampling system using techniques of signal processing, data analysis, and computer vision. The automated behavior of the system generates an infinite video alternating between agitated and calm states through fluctuations of the settings linked to the sounds, images, and activity of the vehicle and its environment. A controller displays the results of the scenes analysis and allows interactions with the system.

During his residency at Avatar from January 8 to January 22, prior to the public presentation of the work, François Quévillon developped the programming for the behavior of the apparatus, and explored its performative potential. He has also been working on other elements of the body of works that put the systems used in mobile robotics in relation with the unpredictable nature of the world.

François Quévillon

François Quévillon develops an interdisciplinary practice through installation, video, photography, sound, and a variety of digital technologies. His apparatuses explore the phenomena of the world and of perception, through the implementation of processes that are sensible to their variations and to the interferences of contextual elements. His work examines the interactions of environmental, socio-cultural, and technological issues; the ways technologies affect or redefine our cognitive processes, our environment, our relation to space, time, and to other people. He holds a master’s degree in visual and media arts from the UQAM (2008). His works have been presented in many international exhibitions and events, including New Frontier in Sundance (Park City), Quebec Digital Art in New York, ISEA (Dubaï and Albuquerque), FILE (São Paulo), IndieBo (Bogotá), LOOP Barcelona, Contemporary Istanbul, Show Off Paris, Festival de la Imagen (Manizales), ECCV (Munich), Mois Multi (Québec City), Espace [IM] Média (Sherbrooke), RIDM, Elektra and BIAN (Montréal).

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