La Majorité

Le Bureau de l’APA

Performance / Publication

“Le Bureau de l’APA wants to create sound performances with LA MAJORITÉ. Make images with noises, words, and voices. Tell poetry some scary stories.”

The La Majorité project was led by Le Bureau de l’APA. Remember, it was carried out as part of a creative residency in Avatar in December 2020. We are pleased to announce that the title piece is now available for listening on Avatar’s Band camp platform, while the pre-sale of the project’s audio cassette is on going.
Available in limited quantities.

A creation of Laurence Brunelle-Côté, Julie Cloutier Delorme et Simon Drouin. With the precious collaboration of Simon Elmaleh et Jasmin Cloutier.

Photo credit: Chloé Surprenant

LE BUREAU DE L’APA [Quebec City] is an undisciplined performing art company whose aim is to bring together artists from all fields to work on atypical creative projects. 

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