Avatar is dedicated to the research, creation, production, dissemination, publication, and circulation of audio and electronic artworks and artists.

To support creation, Avatar organizes projects, invites artists, reflects on practices, and encourages new collaborations through local and international networks. Located in the heart of Québec City, Avatar offers a venue for interactions and initiatives, explores new artistic terrains, and provides access to equipment and specialized skills.

Since its founding in 1993, Avatar has been an innovator in audio and electronic arts research in North America. At Avatar, audio and electronic creation covers a broad range of activities, including the creation of listening devices, the invention and circuit bending of instruments, sound installation, performance, radio art, and sound sculpture. Audio art crosses the fields of music, visual arts, and poetry and is open to hybrid forms of audible performance, sound excavations, and acoustic environments. Avatar also develops programming of custom-made software and electronic interfaces, as well as interactive and kinetic installation systems and telematic works.

Avatar hosts artists, researchers, thinkers, hackers, and students, listening to their needs and adapting itself to support the most unconventional artistic dreams.

Avatar is a member of Méduse, RCAAQ (Regroupement des centres d’artistes autogérés du Québec), REPAIRE (Regroupement de pairs des arts indépendants de recherché et d’expérimentation), and IMAA (Independent Media Arts Alliance).

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Residencies Program

The types of residencies offered at Avatar have been developed empirically over the years. They are designed to respond as closely as possible to the needs expressed by artists, while taking into account the possibilities and realities of the center.

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Community Support

This category offers a work period of one to two weeks in Avatar’s spaces to an artist or group of artists. It doesn’t provide an artist fee, accommodation, per diem, or transportation, but artists receive artistic and technical assistance in accordance with a prior agreement.This category aims to support and facilitate the development of sound art by giving artists access to Avatar’s equipment and expertise.

Maximum support: 20 hours of artistic and technical support, access to the small studio, equipment rental up to a maximum of $300 and depending on the centre’s available supplies.Number of projects accepted per year: 2

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Contractual Services

Avatar also offers its services when there is a suitable match between the request and the expertise or mandate of the artist-run centre.


Avatar’s team is involved in the many stages of production and dissemination of projects. The involvement and expertise of everyone on the team is solicited in order to offer the best support to member artists.


Contact us

Myriam  Lambert [email protected] / [email protected]

Félix Tremblay [email protected]

Guillaume Côté [email protected]

Carole Siciak [email protected]


Alexandre St-Onge – Président

Philip Gagnon – Vice-président

Nathalie Bachand – Secrétaire-trésorière

Catherine Bélanger – Administratrice

Amélie Laurence Fortin – Administratrice

Frédérique Laliberté – Administratrice

Vincent Thériault – Administrateur

Honorary Members

Pierre-André Arcand – Gilles Arteau – Georges Azzaria – Nathalie Breush – Eva De Groot – Jean Dubois – Chantal Dumas – Mario Gauthier – Heidi Grundmann – Suzanne Jaschko – Jérôme Joy – Christof Migone – Émile Morin – Louis Ouellet – John Oswald – Hélène Prévost – James Partaik – Philippe Pasquier – Jocelyn Robert – Michael Snow

Active Members

Magali Babin – Nathalie Bachand – Catherine Béchard – Catherine Bélanger – Alexandre Berthier – Alexandre Bérubé – Patrice Coulombe – Simon Elmaleh – Julie Faubert – Amélie Laurence Fortin – Pierre-Olivier Frechet-Martin – Caroline Gagné – Philip Gagnon – Marion Gotti – Sabin Hudon – Frédérique Laliberté – Diane Landry – Myriam Lambert – Nady Larchet – Philippe Lauzier – Nathalie LeBlanc – Pascale Leblanc Lavigne – Mériol Lehmann – Sarah L’Hérault – Christof Migone – Émile Morin – Simon Paradis-Dionne – Nataliya Petkova – Ariane Plante – Hélène Prévost – Jocelyn Robert – Josiane Roberge – Alexandre St-Onge – Ida Toninato – Vincent Thériault

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