Wind Array Cascade Machine

Steve Heimbecker

Installation / 2003

Steve Heimbecker visited Complexe Méduse for Mois Multi 2 in 2003 to present his Wind Array Cascade Machine.

The apparatus is made up of 64 moveable metal rods arrayed on a rooftop, each with a sensor to record the wind’s shifting movements. The installation translated the resulting data stream five floors below into the on and off winking of coloured LED stacks on another set of rods. The play of the lights followed the rhythm of wind, evoking waves in a field of tall grass. 

Avatar spent more than three months busily developing and producing electronic and IT tools for the apparatus, which is designed to be portable. Its 64 sensors and electronic programming were developed by Steeve Lebrasseur, while the computer program was the work of David Michaud on Max software. Michaud was also in charge of real-time data streaming during the installation. Collected data was retransmitted in real time via Internet.


© Steve Heimbecker

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