L’oiseau qui plane et ne cesse d’agrandir son cercle

Mélanie Bédard et Charles Fleury


The duets of artists is in residency at Avatar to explore and produce accumulations of sound-matter and ambient sounds. The artists are building repertories linked to 4 portraits.

A media installation by Mélanie Bédard under creation, L’oiseau qui plane et ne cesse d’agrandir son cercle is an intuitive, empirical and open reflection laboratory, in which 4 guests are invited to a thought-matter dialog around a screen table. The sounds created in our studios will become perceptible in the work through the objects of the installation, diverting images towards unexpected wanderings.

Mélanie Bédard uses the video image to embody places where the human, through his eyes, engages in an interaction with the environment, in a temporal, visual and sonic contemplation. As for Charles Fleury, he works from collected fragments, precision flaws and instability that foster questioning on reality, often propelled by a certain image of perfection and certainty.

Credits : Coproduction : Productions Recto-Verso, Avatar, La Bande Vidéo – Financial support : Conseil des arts et des lettres du Québec – Design and production : Mélanie Bédard – Creative team : Guillaume D. Cyr, Charles Fleury, Pierre-Olivier Fréchet-Martin, Fannie Giguère, Isabelle Laverdière, Ariane Plante, Julie Théberge and many others who will join in the process.

Photo : L’oiseau qui plane et ne cesse d’agrandir son cercle, Mélanie Bédard – Image made by Charles Fleury from the exploration stage of the project in 2015.

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