Grand Orchestre d’Avatar

Performance / Publication / 2006

Grand Orchestre d’Avatar’s GOD’AR CD/DVD set is named for the short form of the ensemble’s name. This compilation is drawn from two shows: L’abolition des privilèges (The Abolition of Privileges) and Treize singes cyclopes (Three Cyclops Monkeys).

L’abolition des privilèges is an audio montage of Grand Orchestre d’Avatar performances between 1999 and 2005 on a video by Boris Firquet. Performances used Avatar-designed software and samples of original and other material in collective outpourings of duo or trio inspiration.

Quebec City’s Méduse Complex celebrated its 10th anniversary in fall 2005. GOD’Ar based Treize singes cyclopes on the building management’s decision to install 13 surveillance cameras in the complex. It contains 13 scenes, each including a passage from Guy Debord’s The Society of the Spectacle read by a software program that interprets texts based on excerpts from popular music.


The set appeared in 2006.

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