Capturer l’éther : Transmutations d’influx intangibles

Pierre Boulanger, Juan David Molina, Samah Saidi, Triska Sicuranzo Gagné

Installation / 2024

Avatar [1/2] residency from 28 May to 18 June 2024

This residency is part of the Avatar 2023 Prize offered to a graduate of the Baccalauréat en arts visuels et médiatiques at the École d’art de l’Université Laval.

The installation Capturing the Ether: Transmutations of Intangible Impulses attempts to capture something elusive: the wind that knows no boundaries. A metaphor for the fluid communication between the elements, beings, and things, this planetary breath becomes the mode through which to consider the world with a sense of hope.

To record the air currents, during their residency, the artists will develop tools that are both performative instruments and data collection devices. The data will then be interpreted and used to activate various sonic and kinetic devices. Via mechanisms of pulleys and taut ropes, this data will control various actions, movements, motors, loudspeakers, fans, projectors, and other materials present in the space.

Reflecting wind and its entropic character, the generative installation will extend the artists’ performative act into the objects’ performativity. Through an electronic and mechanical system, Triska Sicuranzo Gagné, Juan David Molina, Samah Saidi, and Pierre Boulanger propose a poetical and multiform exploration of air in motion, a conversation between the elements, humans, and machines.

In a context in which questions about digital technologies, the environment, and interconnectivity take a central place, Capturing the Ether will approach these issues with curiosity and openness.

Residency phase 1/2 > Avatar Centre (Québec): 28 May to 18 June 2024
Residency phase 2/2 > Avatar Centre (Québec): 30 July to 18 August 2024
End-of-residency event > Live at Cinéma Beaumont: Saturday 17 August

Capturer l'éther, 2024

Photo credits (header and slideshow): Juan David Molina – (profil): John Blouin

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