Brutalisme magique

Amélie Laurence Fortin

Installations / Publication / 2023-24

It was during The Arctic Circle* residency, a real turning point in Amélie Laurence Fortin’s art practice, that sound became a new dimension of her work.

Exploring materiality, Fortin experimented with the Arctic’s unique monumentality through the sound that fills the vast spaces between things. From this, she created five experimental sculptures that mechanically produce sounds. These works blur the boundaries between disciplines, and in so doing question the object’s performative role in visual arts.

Avatar set up a personalized residency to record the artist’s five kinetic sculptures, make a new work with this sound material, and produce a publication. The Brutalisme magique project celebrates the research and creative work of this multidisciplinary artist by offering her the support needed to create a new sound work.

The five kinetic sculptures, Envoy, Decade, 2RPM, Two Revolutions per Minute, Cloud Nine, were recorded at Avatar’s studio and at the Galerie des arts visuels of Université Laval, while the artist was in residence at Avatar in spring 2023 (April 3 to 26).

*The Arctic Circle, residency on a ship travelling around Svalbard Island, visual and sound research, 2017.

Credit: Stéphane Bourgeois

Amélie Laurence Fortin lives and works between Quebec City (Canada) and Warsaw (Poland). Her work has been presented in various solo and group exhibitions, residencies, art fairs, festivals, and is part of private and public collections in Quebec and Europe. 

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