Brutalisme magique

Amélie Laurence Fortin

Installation / Publication / 2023-25

It was during The Arctic Circle* residency that sound established itself as a new dimension in Amélie Laurence Fortin’s practice. In 2023, Avatar is initiating a three-year, customized residency to support Fortin in exploring and enriching her world of sound.

In 2017, Amélie Laurence Fortin experimented in the Arctic with a singular monumentality, one that exists through the space between things, through the sound that fills the immense space. Five experimental sculptures that mechanically produce sound were born. These will enable him to regularly blur the boundaries between disciplines, thereby questioning the performative role of the object in the field of visual art.

In 2023, Avatar is initiating a long-term, customized three-year residency to support Fortin in exploring and enriching his world of sound. For phase 1 of this residency, the five kinetic sculptures were first recorded. In 2024, currently in phase 2, Amélie Laurence Fortin is devoting herself to composing, mixing and spatializing her recordings, with the aim of designing a new spatialized installation. To mark the end of her residency, a first variation of this work will be presented in collaboration with Oboro.

During phase 3 of his residency in 2025, the project will conclude with the publication of a two-volume sound work. This dual physical and digital collection will retrace the artist’s creative process, offering a plunge into Amélie Laurence Fortin’s wonderfully enigmatic universe and a reflection on the performativity of body, object and space in the experience of sound.

The five kinetic sculptures Envoy, Decade, 2RPM, Two Revolutions Per Minute, Cloud Nine are recorded at Avatar’s studio and at Université Laval’s Galerie des arts visuels, during the artist’s residency at Avatar in spring 2023 (April 3-26).

*The Arctic Circle, residency on a ship traveling around the island of Svalbard, visual and sound research. 2017

End-of-residency event
Thursday, April 11, from 5pm
Open house:
Friday 12 and Saturday 13, noon to 5pm

4001, rue Berri
Montréal (Québec) H2L 4H2

Invited by Oboro, Avatar settles at the studios, 4001 Berri Street in Montreal from April 11 to 13, 2024.

The second phase of Brutalisme magique takes place from March 18 to 31, 2024, during a second sound creation residency at Avatar.

Credit: Carole Siciak – Avatar, 2024

The first phase of Brutalisme magique took place in 2023, during an initial sound design residency at Avatar.

Credit: Stéphane Bourgeois, 2023

Amélie Laurence Fortin lives and works between Quebec (Canada) and Warsaw (Poland). Through her installations, sculptures and sound works, she creates futuristic narratives in which objects bear witness to past or future actions. Her latest projects are an opportunity to question current technological upheavals through a radical, monumental and performative formal approach. Where opaque feminist fictional narratives and the ambiguity between the technical and the magical create the emergence of the random.

A selection of her recent exhibitions includes; OBORO (Canada); Tallinn Art Hall (Estonia); Darling Foundry Gallery (Canada); BWA Wroclaw (Poland); Festival Mois Multi (Canada); Stroboskop (Poland); KIKK Festival (Belgium), Künstlerhaus Bethanien (Germany); Alfa Gallery (USA); Biennale Manif d’Art 9 (Canada); as well as several local and international fairs. Fortin has been selected for a one-year residency at Künstlerhaus Bethanien (2020), the Arctic Circle residency (2017) and the Canado-Belgium co-production residency between Werktank and Productions Recto-Verso (2020-2021), and has been invited for a long-term residency with Avatar (2023-2025). She was shortlisted for the Prix Videre (2020); and winner of the Prix Louis Garneau and ADFU (2010). Her work has been reviewed in Szum Magazine, BLOK Magazine, BerlinArtLink, BE Magazine, EFSYN Magazine, Esse Art+Opinion and Espace Magazine, among others. Fortin completed a Master’s degree in Visual Arts focusing on the translation of extreme experience into art installation (Université Laval – 2009 – 2011). Her exhibition “Triomphe” was created and produced alongside curator Sylvie Fortin for Manif d’Art 5 (2020).

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