Numinous Machines

Technologies of Consciousness

Performance / 2024

The duo Technologies of Consciousness will be presenting the world premiere of their Avatar-MUTEK creation and dissemination residency at MUTEK 25th edition (Montreal).

With Numinous Machines, the Sonya Stefan and Stephanie Castonguay duo named Technologies of Consciousness presents an audiovisual odyssey into near-death’s shadowy boundary, inspired by sacred Yantras and the natural-technological nexus. This performance harnesses micro and macroscopy and modified turntables, merging sound with image through graphical notation driven by organic decomposition’s laws. Their approach to turntablism highlights the cyclical nature of materials and their transformation in sound reproduction, offering a tangible exploration of auditory art.

Sonya Stefan uniquely merges analog and digital media, crafting captivating visual landscapes using 16mm film and TouchDesigner. Her approach is marked by innovative techniques such as contact printing, DIY eco-processing, and macro nature imagery. A celebrated figure in dance documentaries, Stefan earned accolades for The Truss Arch, including an IRIS nomination and Best National Short or Medium-Length Film at RIDM 2021 and RVQC 2022. Collaborating with dance companies like Animals of Distinction and Petrikor Danse, her work at MUTEK Montréal showcases a rich confluence of cinema, technology, and choreography, highlighting her profound engagement with the natural world and movement.
Stephanie Castonguay works in the realm of sound and technology, transforming discarded machines into experimental electronic instruments. Their unique approach focuses on the physical transformation of materials, exploring their inherent musicality and capacity for glitch and resonance. Through performances and installations, Castonguay bridges tangible and barely perceptible realms, amplifying the subtle sonic qualities of everyday materials. Featured at prestigious venues like LAB30 and MUTEK, their work invites audiences to rethink their sonic environment, highlighting the unfamiliar within the familiar. Castonguay’s art challenges perceptions, making the imperceptible audible and surprising.

Credit: Charlotte Bonin

Residency at Avatar (Quebec): July 29 to August 22, 2024

End-of-residency event – LIVE at Cinéma Beaumont (Quebec): August 17 

Performance at MUTEK 25 Edition – NOCTURNE 3: August 22 | 10:30 pm_3:00 am
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