Système 0.48a

Pierre-Olivier Fréchet-Martin

Installation / 2006

A first exploratory version of System 0.48 was conceived during a residency at Avatar Studios, as part of the 2006 Prix Avatar.

Système 0.48 a was an atmospheric installation that provided an unusual, perhaps disconcerting take on the video image. It began with a one-hour video of chaotically meandering clouds in the sky. Movements in the video image were then subject to poetic reincarnation in the oscillating luminous flux of 48 light bulbs strategically positioned in a separate space. Viewers wandered through this immersive environment, whose evolving movements were ultimately derived from the irregular perambulations of drifting clouds. A later version, Système 0.48b, ran at Université Laval’s visual arts gallery in 2010.

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