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Odeurs sonores
Odeurs sonores Carol-Ann Belzil Normand (2014)

Since the beginning of 2014, Carol-Ann Belzil Normand has been working in Avatar’s studio to create the audio publication “Odeurs sonores” (Sounding Smells).

A minimal study on mental representations of smells has revealed that the olfactory sense varies from one individual to another, and is determined by various factors. First, there are exogenous factors. The olfactory memory refers directly to the environment, life story and lifestyle. For instance, the mental construction of the smell of a fruit is not the same in Asia and in North America. Moreover, the olfactory sense is linked to endogenous factors. The age, gender and health status of an individual affect his sense of smell.

Although it is often associated with cosmetic attraction, with appeal and seduction, the perception of smells is much more intimate and revealing of our personality than it seems. In this perspective, the artist’s intention was to reconstruct mental representations of the olfaction by coupling sounds with smells. The idea behind this project was to recreate an intimate, imaginative territory, built from the olfactory experience, through audio and poetic allegorical representations.

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