LdYpC : Last Opus

Nady Larchet

Performance / Installation

As part of a collaboration with the École d’art of Université Laval, Avatar hosted student and artist Nady Larchet from 2017 to 2020, so that while completing a Master in Visual Arts, she could carry out some of her research and explorations in audio and electronic art in our professional studios and benefit from technical expertise.

In her work, Larchet examines and highlights the repercussions that certain social, political, economic, and technological developments have on humans and their environment. For several years, this research has been done through media and electronic art. In recent work, she has been particularly interested in the presence of waves, signals, and suspended particles in our environment, in the impact they have and our perception of them, while also looking at people’s responsibility vis-à-vis these invisible presences. Larchet enlists and examines new technologies in her projects. She also makes her own machines to use as tools or devices for presentation, keeping sound prominent in her research. In 2019, Larchet was awarded the Master’s René-Richard Scholarship.


Thursday, June 4, 2020, the residency concludes with her highly anticipated performance of LdYpC: Last Opus.

Metamorphosed musical instruments, altered in such a way so as to be autonomous, or almost, are on the move. Correlated to air pollution levels, their movements are uncontrollable, unpredictable, at times sudden, inevitably damaging them. While this mutant orchestra, connected from all sides, “performs” the score of variation in pollution levels in real time, Nady Larchet will try to keep it alive. This performative sequence between human and machine will end when everything falls apart.

LdYpC: Last Opus is a look at a world that is falling apart, at the fear and sense of powerlessness one has when faced with the magnitude of what has been happening for a long time. This multimedia installation project is interested in how we physically and mentally respond to the challenges of air quality and pollution.

Since 2013, the René-Richard Foundation, Avatar,  La Bande Vidéo, and  LA CHAMBRE BLANCHE have collaborated to support a student from the École d’art of Université Laval to develop a digital arts practice.

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