Camille Bernard-Gravel & Baron Lanteigne


L’ordinateur is a sculptural and digital installation resulting from a first collaboration between Baron Lanteigne and Camille Bernard-Gravel.

Taking a look at the positioning of the body in relation to the screen, l’ordinateur takes the form of an exploded personal workstation in front of which are placed armchairs with humanoid curves. Through the abundance of cabling in this out-of-this-world computer, two displays of flexible LED modules are supported by an array of tubes reminiscent of both gaming modules and medical equipment. These stations, forming a network occupying the entire room, are connected to cushioned computer components floating in a cubic structure. The bursting of the network in space, the curved shape given to the two screens and the properties specific to the type of screen used underline the materiality of the digital, which suddenly seems to become more tangible.

A collaboration EISODE /AVATAR

January 10 → February 23 2023



This visit formula is entirely self-led and contactless. You access the gallery by clicking on a URL link sent to you by email. This intimate context creates a state of active listening which expands over time in order to establish a relationship of cohabitation with the artwork. Standing, sitting, lying down, eyes open or closed, soak up the atmosphere, sounds and details.

The entire gallery for yourself!
1 hour



The host welcomes visitors to the gallery and offers them a tea specially chosen for the exhibition. In this friendly setting, she guides their attention to certain aspects of the installation in order to inspire a lively artistic experience. Following this introduction, visitors explore the work on their own and at their own pace.
* The tea is selected in collaboration with Camellia Sinensis and served in artisanal ceramics.

Hojicha latte will be served!
1 hour 15 minutes
1 to 4 people / 20$+


EVENT : artist talk

Baron Lanteigne and Camille Bernard-Gravel will talk about their artwork and its creative process. Come and chat while drinking a Hochija latte within the installation!

L’ordinateur explained by its creators!
January 9 / 7 to 8:30 pm



The installations that we present do not go well with the social and noisy setting of openings. We therefore prefer to invite you to the dismantling! Come and chat with Baron and Camille as they dismantle their artwork. You can reserve a VIP kit including drink and snack.
* It is recommended to have experienced the artwork beforehand.

Chat with the artists as they dismantle their work!
February 23 / 5 to 7 pm
free (RSVP)



We will be happy to create a custom mediation activity for your group: school visit, artist talk, etc. Contact us for information.

Plan a group visit!
on reservation


L’ordinateur, Baron Lanteigne and Camille Bernard-Gravel | EISODE 2023

Baron Lanteigne lives and works in Quebec City, Canada. The essence of his work emerges from infiltrations and collaborations with many web native communities. His work is part of online events and collections such as The Wrong Biennale, real-fake.org, Electrofringe, SPAMM, Glitch Artist Collective, FeltZine, MoCDA and many more. This online practice is exhibited worldwide at amongst others Ludwig Museum in Budapest (HU), Canadian Cultural Center in Paris (FR), Ramat Gan Museum of Israeli Art (IL), Mapping Festival (CH), Mirage Festival (FR), MUTEK (CA, JP), Dutch Design Week (NL), Sónar+D (ES), CPH:DOX (DK) and the Gwangju Media Platform (KR).
Camille Bernard-Gravel explores the perception of the human species towards its natural environment, which is strongly imbued with an increasingly deployed technological world. The sculptures, videos and installations of this artist from Québec have been exhibited in Canada, Argentina, France, Thailand, Mexico and the United States. While actively involved in the Capitale-Nationale community since 2012, she has participated in several residencies and international events such as Quebec Digital Art in New York (2015), the Montreal International Digital Art Biennial (2016), the Symposium international d’art contemporain off Baie-Saint-Paul (2016) and the Mois Multi of Québec (2018). She recently exhibited a body of work at the Musée national des beaux-arts du Québec (2021).
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