Giorgia Volpe


Giorgia Volpe presented Ouvre-moi and L’anchuss, a two-part immersive visual, sound, and performance installation inspired by the notions of intervals, waiting, and breathing in the world of hunting.

The project was developed for Orange 2012, an annual exhibition organized by the Expression center in Saint-Hyacinthe. Anchuss is a German word used by hunters in Quebec to describe the place where the bullet strikes the hunted animal, the hole from which blood spurts, and the wound that attracts the dogs. The sound portion of the installation was created during the artist’s residency at Avatar.


Of Brazilian origin, Giorgia Volpe has been living and working in Québec since 1998. A multidisciplinary artist, she studied at the University of São Paulo and at Laval University in Quebec City and has participated in numerous exhibitions in Bresil, Cuba, Canada and Europe.

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