Drone. La feinte de l’avatar

Émile Morin


An unprecedented installation by Émile Morin
June 2016, at Avatar’s studio

“Drone is a digital installation buried inside an analog shell, resulting from the hybridization between a simulation system and an easily recognizable sound object. It is the highjacking of a piano, but also a device that captures the place where it exists, with its own memory, and a blinding ability to forget. La feinte de l’avatar is its first manifestation”. – Émile Morin

Sequences played by the piano
il tergiverse
intense traversée
John’s slow piano
l’équilibre de Caroline
la feinte de l’avatar
la mécanique des choses
la tête de l’ours
le chien
les bonnes vibrations
on dirait qu’il respire
oui oui
respire la chaise
sommeil paradoxal
tout juste un peu nerveux
toute petite variation

Émile Morin is an independent artist based in Québec City. His numerous installations and stage works have been presented in Europe, in Australia, in the United States and in Canada, at the Châtelet de Paris (France), at the Tesla de Berlin (Germany), at the BEAP festival in Perth (Australia), at the Banff Center and at the Musée d’art contemporain de Montréal (Canada). During the last 30 years, his professional trajectory has included an ongoing artistic practice and the artistic direction of organizations well-known for their distinct character, Productions Recto-Verso and its Mois Multi festival and Avatar, the audio creation association. Developing a thought-process centered on the renewal of forms, among the forerunners of the creation groups he has led, he has nurtured an advanced knowledge of multidisciplinary creation and digital art (both practical and theoretical), and developed innovating creation strategies as well as unprecedented technical means of creation. He has also collaborated with various national and international events and with governmental structures as a consultant and thinker, to analyse, understand, and define the parameters of the new axes of creation in multidisciplinary and digital art.

Based on what he calls the “aesthetics of complexity”, his work uses and intertwines several disciplines in the creation of installations, scenographic spaces, immersive works and “dramatic” constructions.  The unique multidisciplinary character of his works unravels in a systematic use of multiple mechanical devices that reproduce and highjack effects, phenomena and movements of nature or the primary functions of the objects themselves. In creating these audio and visual devices, the artist is attempting to provoke and modify the visitor’s modes of perception, his understanding of the space that he inhabits and that surrounds him. For many years, Émile Morin has made an intensive yet critical use of the new technological tools.

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