Georges Azzaria, Pascal Dufaux and Chantal Neveu

Publication / 2003

The goal of Concret was to create an experience of auditory perception in which listeners would hear both simultaneous movements of sound sources and the virtual sculptures they traced.

The initial barriers to Concret’s production seemed insurmountable: technology was too limited, as was, more fundamentally, the human ear—the issue being human beings’ manifest inability to properly situate sound sources in space.

For Concret, technology and the promise of software solutions were abandoned. Instead, a mannequin was transformed into a binaural recording microphone. The result was a more complex stereophony than had been previously known. Sounds could be heard moving along trajectories that reproduced the observed movements of, for example, a leaf falling or caught in a whirlwind.

Concret was launched in 2003.

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