Une succession

Catherine Bélanger


Presented at Mois Multi 2017 in collaboration with Avatar

In a kitchen reconstituted in video projections, a woman makes a traditional meatball stew recipe with all its particularities. Une succession is a performance that pays tribute to the artist’s mother. With a motion capture apparatus, Catherine Bélanger highlights the singularities and inventiveness of this individual trajectory, going back and forth between a moment extracted from time and the present, between the private and the public sphere. As privileged witnesses to these moments filled with memories and tenderness, visitors discover a portion of our individual and collective memory.

Catherine Bélanger lives and works in Québec City. Her work mostly takes the form of traditional animation, video, and installation. She is interested in the anthropology of everyday life and in the notion of heritage at the heart of a creative process that presents as an iconography of daily life and domestic rituals, as a common space where all can recognize themselves. She holds a bacherlor’s degree in visual arts and an interdisciplinary master’s degree in art that she completed in 2012 at the Université Laval. In 2012, she presented a solo exhibition at the Galerie le 36 in Québec City. A premise to new researches, it was followed in 2013 by Recueil de gestes pour nourrir, a project in collaboration with the Musées de la civilisation in Québec City. This project about food immaterial heritage was presented in different variations in Québec City in 2013 and 2016, as well as in Bangkok (Thaïland) in 2015. Since 1997, the artist has also taken part in various solo and collective events, especially in Québec City, in Beauce, in Percé, and in Rimouski.

The Mois Multi is an event produced and organized by the Productions Recto-Verso in February each year. The festival’s program gathers innovative works in the field of multidisciplinary and electronic arts. The Mois Multi is intended as an expression of the conceptual and technological mutations that shake up the unexpected forms and practices of multidisciplinary art. Its uniqueness stems from its interactive shows, installations, immersive environments and works merging artistic languages, materials, techniques, forms and processes of all kinds.

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