Tranche majeure de piano

Georges Azzaria


Sound designer, composer, performer and inventor of sound instruments Georges Azzaria presents Tranche majeure de piano. The instrument designed by the artist performed live Tuesday, May 31 at the event CINÉMAVATAR.

Active on the art scene for thirty years, Georges Azzaria produced several albums of sound art. It belongs to the very select club of inventors of instruments. His work finds its place both in museum exhibitions during performances, radio shows or theatrical performances. For CINÉMAVATAR he invited Leonardo Azzaria for a performance on this latest invention named Tranche majeure de piano.

Georges Azzaria accompanied by his piano are the guests of the show La Croche oreille Sunday 29 May, on CKRL 89.1, led by Jean-Pierre Guay and Gaëtan Gosselin. The program is available via podcast.

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