The Ohio R


While Avatar was off on vacation in the summer of 2012, its facilities were hijacked by a young Quebec City collective born out of the merger of On est tu heureux hen. and OscarIndiaRomeo.

It created a provocative installation of cardboard tunnels entitled Titanic in which audiences were subjected to a multitude of humorous or misleading encounters, both audioelectronic and other. The collective, having also seized Avatar’s communications, proceeded to commandeer its website and organize a festive launch. Thus, Avatar staff, directors, and managers only learned of the installation infesting their facilities when the public did. A sure-fire hit was guaranteed.

Two prolific Quebec City artists stood up for them. These artists have artistic approaches. They’re notably oppressed by every pressing issue, which includes equalization (avant-garde) and shantytowns. Ever see those plastic bottles filled with water they stick through ceilings in favelas to let the light in? (After the Ohio R.)

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