Methods and Practices


For its New Medias: Methods and Practices Symposium presented in partnership with the École des arts visuels de l’Université Laval and the Galerie des arts visuels, Avatar is taking up quite a challenge by adopting an approach based on an abstract issue. The idea is to generate observations and discussions in order to reflect on artistic practices and new media, and to raise perspectives.

In the course of their work, artists take part in the creation of new forms of devices, through the tools they develop and through their creation process. Hence, propositions in contemporary art always have a “new media” aim. The notion of media here refers to any form of structure, paradigm or network —whether scientific, economical, political, digital, technological or even social— where artists draw what they need to create. The ways of approaching art through new combinations divert, infiltrate and invent new means of creating, of producing, of making visible, of communicating.

Speakers as well as participants in the symposium are invited to locate their practice, their reflection and their experience as devices and artistic propositions, without disciplinary filters. Do artists organise their work in new ways? What do these new forms carry? What can be found behind the works? Which tradition or breach do they come from? The idea is to observe and document new media practices which are, by definition, unstable.

Patrick Treguer – Lieu multiple (France)
Julien Ottavi – Apo33 (France)
Danyèle Alain – 3e impérial (Granby)
Victoria Stanton – Artist (Montreal)
Jackie Sumell – Artist (United States)
Frédérique Laliberté – Artist (Quebec City)
Alain-Martin Richard – Artist (Quebec City)
Paul De Marinis – Artiste (United States)

Émile Morin (Quebec City)

Julie Faubert (Montreal)
Nathalie Bachand (Montreal)

“Herman’s House” by Jackie Sumell

“Les àlenveritudes” by Frédérique Laliberté

“Rainforest IV” installation/performance by Apo33.
Nouveaux médias : méthodes et pratiques Symposium

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