Les Grands Grands dessins

Pierre Bourgault


Avatar started working with Pierre Bourgault on Les grands grands dessins in 2007, developing a software and GPS system so he could exhibit forms he created with Zodiac watercraft on nautical charts.

It was first seen in Quebec City at Mois Multi 9 in the fall of 2008 before moving to New York City in 2009 as part of Waterpod, and Saint-Jean-Port-Joli in 2010 for Perdre le nord, an event organized by the Est-Nord-Est artist centre and curated by Marie-Ève Beaupré.

The Mois Multi is an event produced and organized by the Productions Recto-Verso in February each year. The festival’s program gathers innovative works in the field of multidisciplinary and electronic arts. The Mois Multi is intended as an expression of the conceptual and technological mutations that shake up the unexpected forms and practices of multidisciplinary art. Its uniqueness stems from its interactive shows, installations, immersive environments and works merging artistic languages, materials, techniques, forms and processes of all kinds.

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