Luc Ferrari


Luc Ferrari’s Chantal was, technically, an exception in the OHM éditions catalogue. Before Chantal, OHM had only published works relating directly to the activities of Avatar. Chantal was different, situated as it was at the intersection of two ways of experiencing the world of sound. It was also a chance to get away from familiar turf and pat definitions.

The story of Chantal began in 1976. It was a hot, dry summer. Luc Ferrari and Brunhild Meyer were visiting friends near Paris. They were lying in the grass, studying a map of France and making vacation plans. Ferrari asked his friend watering the yard to flick a drop of water towards him. It hit the map on a village in Corbières, a wine-producing region in the south. So they decided to go there for their holidays The Chantal of Chantal was a young housekeeper living in the village with her baby, who spoke to them of her life and struggles. Chantal is this story, framed by Ferrari’s artistry and a monument of sound art.


The recording was released in 2009.

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