8 projets + Le grand calculateur II, 1998-2013

Diane Morin


Avatar quickly recognized the value of Diane Morin’s research, and supported it by offering her a residency in 1998, when she was finishing her BFA in Visual Arts. For the young artist, this was a turning point in the development of her work in new media and digital art.

During this time, Morin was already adopting an approach that can be described—with the benefit of fifteen years’ hindsight—as both coherent and radical: coherent in its manner of ordering sequences of events, and radical owing to the artist’s determination to push the boundaries of her art. Most often in the form of devices and mechanized objects at once playful and disquieting, Morin formulates systems that distort spaces and objects in order to create autonomous temporal situations conducive to movement in the making.

This dynamic of “in the making” characterizes both the content and process of the artist, which is an aspect of her art that is much valued by Avatar. It was therefore natural—and inspirational for both parties—that the paths of the artist and the centre would intersect once more. For the occasion, Avatar has commissioned a major new work from the artist, coinciding with this publication: Diane Morin, 8 projets + Le grand calculateur II, 1998-2013.

This book offers an in-depth look at the work of Diane Morin. In “Reconfigurations and Re-enchantments,” Élène Tremblay assesses the scope and significance of the various mechanisms that shape the artist’s works. François Morelli’s poetic reflection, “Is everything really subject to motion monsieur Marey ?” explores more specifically Morin’s drawings as a connecting thread in her work. Also including short texts from the artist on each of the works presented, Diane Morin, 8 projets + Le grand calculateur II, 1998-2013 chronicles a truly singular artistic path, one which Avatar will always follow with great interest.

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