Voix sèches

Joane Hétu, Steve McCaffery, Clive Robertson, Giovanni Fontana, Bartolome Ferrando, Joachim Montessuis, Denis Belley, Pierre-André Arcand


Voix sèches is a series of a cappella performances using the voice as sole sound source.

Seven such voices from five different countries—acoustic performance improvisers from the fields of sound poetry, singing, and mouth music—gave themselves over to live digital processing with the macchina ricordi. This device, the MR, is a virtual music machine, a digital instrument, and a sound composing software program.

Voix sèches includes a CD of the seven artists’ macchina ricordi creations along with a virtual booklet entitled “Ex Macchina Ricordi” which includes an essay and information on the Voix sèches project, written by Pierre-André Arcand.

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