Unstable(ry) Life

Arnont Nongyao


As part of the exchange Bangkok/Québec City – À la rencontre de l’autre, Avatar presents the work of Arnont Nongyao for the development of its project Unstable (ry) Life.

The Thai artist carries on his shoulders a video capture device voluntarily made “unstable”. The work installative end of the process of video and sound recording is exposed in the MANIF D’ART gallery from March 19 to April 3.

The gradual opening took place on March 19 at 2 pm at the MANIF D’ART gallery followed by a performance at 4 pm at the studio Avatar (Méduse – 5th floor).

Le Lieu, the self-run artist center, initiator of the artistic exchange between Quebec City and Bangkok, in collaboration with the Bangkok Art and Culture Center (BACC) and the complicity of Quebec’s self-run artist centers : Avatar, LA CHAMBRE BLANCHE, L’Oeil de Poisson and VU PHOTO.

Born in 1979 in Bangkok, Thailand. Arnont Nongyao holds a BFA at the Faculty of Fine Arts of the University of Chiang Mai in 2003. Arnont works with various media such as sound, video, installations, art in public space . His practice is focused on instability. He is currently working on various experimental art projects related to vibrations of various kinds that are between humans, objects or situations. His works are often integrated into a specific space and involve audience participation. Arnont Nongyao is also co-director of the CMC (Chiang Mai Collective), a collective of sound artists and musicians that develops experimental sound art projects in Chiangmai (Thailand). Since 2011, several of his works have been broadcast in Thailand and abroad.

A major biennial in contemporary art on the Canadian scene, Manif d’art 8 – The Québec City Biennial is presenting the work of over 100 artists of all backgrounds, from February 17 to May 14, 2017. In addition to the exhibits, the event offers a myriad of activities around the theme The Art of Joy defined by curator Alexia Fabre. A total of 35 cultural organisations help make this international festival a must-see experience for the novice as much as the expert.

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