Pierre-André Arcand


In Transfuge, Pierre-André Arcand set out to integrate the various artistic fields in which he is active: sound poetry, visual poetry, audio art, performance—sound, action, and projection.

It includes two disks: one audio and one video. Transfuge is a work of feedback generated without microphone processing or external sources and filled with crackling, asperities, and disruptive frequencies. The electronic music section was generated with a looped series of electronic components—mixing board, digital recorder, and multi-FX processor—linked together in a closed circuit. Transfuge is a multitrack montage created in the studio and remixed in live performance.

The DVD of Transfuge A/V borrows from visual poetry, the Internet, daily life, hot and cold, noises, and video lighting effects as well as shaky images like those produced with a hand-held camera.

Transfuge was broadcast on Excavation sonore in April 2002.

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