Objets partiellement distinguables

Nathalie LeBlanc and Guillaume Côté


As part of the exhibition Girardin raconte…, the Société d’art et d’histoire de Beauport and Avatar are joining forces to co-present Objets partiellement distinguables, a site-specific interactive installation created by Nathalie LeBlanc and Guillaume Côté.

Old houses are really talkative. As though they have so much to say that all their inhabitants need to do is listen closely to hear the cracking of their wooden bones or the articulations of their stonework. Perhaps these are the memories that they accumulate and can’t help sharing.

Objets partiellement distinguables tips into an oneiric universe on the borders of abstraction and figuration. The transmutation of period objects becomes the tipping point, where techniques specific to digital media come to life, offering viewers a second look at the material heritage of Beauport.

Visual artist Nathalie LeBlanc creates video and sound installations. She has a Master of Visual Arts from Université Laval, and her work has been presented in various group exhibitions such as Double/Doubles, a satellite event of Mois Multi 2019. Her practice involves video editing, sound recording, electronics, programming, and collage and explores the notion of the instant. A tech enthusiast, she also gives artists technical support for their projects at Avatar.

Influenced by his surroundings, sound artist Guillaume Côté explores the geographical, linguistic, and social dynamics of Québec through a mix of concrete, artificial, and vocal materials. His eclectic artistic research is based not only on the encounter with the Other through musical discourse with narrative or informational aims, but also on the abstraction produced by modular systems. The recipient of many grants and awards, he has a Master of Music in Electroacoustic Composition from Université de Montréal. A fan of multidisciplinary collaborations, he is co-founder of the Trames collective and Falaises group.


The installation is presented on the second floor of Maison Girardin from June 3 to August 29


Interview at L’Aérospatial (30:00)

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