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Ding dong deluxe
Ding dong deluxe Pierre-André Arcand, Algojo) (Algojo, The Black Auks, Georges Azzaria, Bernard Bonnier, Stéphane Caron, France Deslauriers, Doyon/Demers, Frances Dyson, Chantal Dumas, Élaine Frigon, Insurgent, Dan Lander, Glèche Lavrille, Nathalie Lord, Martin Meilleur, (1994)

Ding Dong Deluxe was a compilation of 99 brief sound snippets and was Avatar’s first official release.

It emerged from a reflection on duration in music composition and audio art. Why is the under-30-second format so unusual? Why should the 15-second-and-under format only be found in advertising? For us this looked like a challenge—an opportunity for risk-taking, exploration, and audible audacity.

In 1993 Avatar invited 10 artists to explore the creative possibilities of Obscure Studios’ new sound editing equipment and the sonic landscape that lies between instantaneousness and brevity. We called the residency La bijouterie sonore (The Sound Jewellers).

Avatar launched Ding Dong Deluxe in December 1994 at L’Inox bar—the event was entitled Inoxydong. In January 1996, Ding Dong Deluxe and OHM éditions were the subject of a one-hour program on ORF, Austria’s public radio broadcaster. 

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