Marla Hlady


Presented by Avatar as part of Mois Multi 2017
Kinetic and sound installation

A part of the “Instruments” series, Spincycle is a set of kinetics and sonic sculptures in which Marla Hlady reveals the unsuspected acoustic and poetic properties of a site and the presences it shelters. Brought to life by delicate mechanisms, microphones sweep through space and capture its sounds. Simultaneously, speakers in motion deliver these sounds into the room. This attractive game produces subtle superimpositions, gaps, and fortuitous sound interactions that bind together the apparatus, the exhibition space and the visitors.

February 19 to February 26, 2017, Tuesday to Sunday, 12 a.m. to 5 p.m. at Studio d’Avatar | Free entrance

Opening on February 18, 8 p.m.

Marla Hlady draws, makes sculpture, works with sites and sounds, and sometimes makes video.  Hlady’s kinetic sculptures and sound pieces often consist of common objects (such as teapots, cocktail mixers, jars) that are expanded and animated to reveal unexpected sonic and poetic properties, often using a system-based approach to composition. Her work has been widely shown in solo and group performances in Canada, in the United States, in the United Kingdom, in Norway, and in Iceland. She sometimes collaborates with other artists. Hlady has a BFA from the University of Victoria and a MFA from the York University. She currently is an associate professor at the University of Toronto’s Department of Arts, Culture and Media, and is represented by Christie Contemporary.

The Mois Multi is an event produced and organized by the Productions Recto-Verso in February each year. The festival’s program gathers innovative works in the field of multidisciplinary and electronic arts. The Mois Multi is intended as an expression of the conceptual and technological mutations that shake up the unexpected forms and practices of multidisciplinary art. Its uniqueness stems from its interactive shows, installations, immersive environments and works merging artistic languages, materials, techniques, forms and processes of all kinds.

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