Sounds for Birds

François Martig


Sounds for Birds refers to all those almost invisible urban spots that are hard to access or considered insignificant.

Sounds for Birds included sound installations that incorporated sound recordings made in Quebec City and played them at predetermined locations across the city, subtly altering the city from season to season. It was a kind of light aerial tour or bird’s-eye view of Quebec City. The installations stressed an original urban geography connected by architectural acoustics, the sounds of intra- and extra-urban areas, deserted and soon-to-be deserted areas, invading plant species, and personal stories.

Belgian artist François Martig was invited to complete a residency as part of Pépinières européennes, an exchange program with Europe. He presented a number of sound installations during his stay, including Music for Bats, La nature expliquée aux plantes, and lastly L’histoire expliquée aux oiseaux. The exhibition marking his departure took place November 4 to 12, 2010.

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