Radio Folie/Culture

Diane Landry, Martin Meilleur, Andrée Michaud, Christof Migone, Fabrice Montal, Renaud Paquet, James Partaik, Jocelyn Robert, Michel St-Onge (1996)


Radio Folie/Culture was Avatar’s second release—a series of auditory interventions bypassing the classic reflexes of sound creation through lateral operation.

Radio Folie/Culture challenged the very basis of artistic interaction by layering treatments of the same material. 

Radio Folie/Culture was coproduced in 1995 by Avatar and Folie/Culture in collaboration with Obscure and Quebec City’s CKIA radio. The disk incorporates prerecorded material using Obscure’s equipment as well as live recordings of work from Sans frontière, part of the fourth Folie/Culture festival. 

Avatar launched the recording on October 22, 1996, at Folie/Culture’s Sortir s’en sortir night. Radio Folie/Culture was also broadcast in its entirety on January 12, 1997, on Radio-Canada’s Chaîne culturelle.

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