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Vidéo-parc Nathalie LeBlanc (2016)

Single screening of the Vidéo-parc project by Nathalie LeBlanc
Sunday May 22, from 9 p.m. to 10 p.m. on the vacant land located at 26 de la Pointe-aux-Lièvres Street in Québec City

As in a traditional drive-in theater, viewers are invited to get in a car to enjoy sounds and a video. The visitors will hear the audio content broadcasted live during the screening by radio station CKRL 89,1 as part of the La Croche oreille program on May 22. The artist recommends that visitors bring their chairs, portable radio and earphones for optimal enjoyment of the experience.

The Vidéo-parc project revisits a typical North American hobby to provoke a superposition of both fictional and actual spaces and sites. Nathalie LeBlanc has taken interest in drive-in theaters and their unusual form. Sitting still in a passenger compartment devoted to commute, facing a screen that hides its very location, the drive-in theater itself highjacks the function of the vehicle and the contemplative aspect of the landscape. On screen, you see the environment superposed to itself in a moment diverted from continuity, as in an abyss. Nathalie LeBlanc strives to make visible her various observations on the image and what deviates it. For this project, the artist has been awarded a creation and production grant from the Première Ovation program for emerging artists in Québec City, and the support of Avatar. 

Nathalie LeBlanc lives and works in Québec City. While completing her Master’s studies in visual arts at Université Laval in 2015, she had privileged access to Avatar’s studios, thanks to a partnership made possible by the René-Richard Foundation. Since 2012, her videos have been part of many collective exhibitions in Québec City, Montreal and Toronto, at Ciné-Arprim, at the Wardrobe International Film Festival, at Folie/Culture’s Minute vidéo, at the 19e Rencontre interuniversitaire des maîtrises en arts visuels, at Monobandes III, at Les Territoires gallery and at the Prix du très court métrage Georges-Laoun-Opticien Oboro. She will be part of the next Loin des yeux. Les invisibles photo boxset published by Le Cabinet, espace de production photographique. In 2015, she received the AFDU Québec en arts visuels grant and the Hydro-Québec visual arts grant.

Photo on the top : Nathalie LeBlanc
Photos in the bottom : Marion Gotti

Photo : Marion Gotti
Photo : Marion Gotti
Photo : Marion Gotti
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