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Research's residency
Research's residency Thomas Bégin (2014)

Thomas Bégin in residency at Avatar.

Based on the physical properties of sounds, geometric shapes and materials, Thomas Bégin’s devices interpret themselves and generate music that unfolds through a plastic and technical assembly process specific to sculptors. Thomas Bégin is interested in the anchor points of the notion of information in the physical world, and in the ways through which matter can physically perform a form of information processing.

His research/exploration residency will revolve around the sound potential of his machines. In accordance with the discoveries made during his experimentations, it will result in an audio work on CD, a performative or an installative work. During his residency, the artist will be happy to interact with our community, and to have Avatarians be a part of his process, so that unexpected colors, potential collaborations and astounding surprises can come out of it.

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