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The 60 Seconds Radio international competition
The 60 Seconds Radio international competition Avatar (2021)

It’s a go! This year Avatar will be awarding the 2nd prize for radio creation in the 60 Second Radio Competition.

The 2021 Seventh Edition of 60 Seconds Radio

The 60 Seconds Radio international competition is pleased to mark UNESCO’s 10th World Radio Day with the launch of its 7th edition. 60 Seconds Radio invites radio and sound artists to produce radio clips that are exactly 60 seconds long. The competition is open to any theme, and winners will receive the Gold, Silver, and Bronze Transistor awards. The deadline for submitting work is Sunday, April 11, 2021 at 11:59 p.m., Montreal time.

60 Seconds Radio is pleased to count as its partners for the 2021 edition the Canadian Commission for UNESCO in Ottawa (CCUNESCO), the Avatar audio and electronic arts centre in Quebec City, as well as many international radio broadcasters. This competition celebrates the key values of radio artists: their desire to communicate with others and express new ways of producing and listening to radio through radio art. The passion that artists from almost every continent have for radio is in the very DNA of 60 Sec Radio. As radio has now existed for more than a hundred years, the medium and its artists have shown much resilience.

60 Seconds Radio is open to all schools of radiophonic expression: radio art, fiction, collage, sound art, drama, radio documentary, soundscapes, hybrid works, cosmic radio, and more. Artistic creativity, innovation, and originality remain the basic criteria that will guide the juries.

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