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Technical Desserts - Nathalie LeBlanc
Technical Desserts - Nathalie LeBlanc Avatar (2019)

Clip #4

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Avatar is happy to unveil the fourth clip of its Technical Desserts, a whimsical initiative to offer technical advice through the practices of artist members and artists in residency. As they demystify technical processes involved in the creation of installations, mechanisms, and prototypes, the Technical Desserts highlight the equipment and expertise available to artists at Avatar. Unravelling a world of possibilities, the series of clips presents artists’ perspective on technique as a constituent of sound and electronic art.

For the series’ fourth clip, Avatar has asked the inventor of the Technical Desserts herself to play along. An artist who is also in charge of technical support at Avatar, Nathalie Leblanc initiated the Technical Desserts in the fall of 2018. In a colorful tutorial, using a substance with a high audio potential — namely Jello ― she sheds a light on six types of microphones from Avatar’s equipment pool. Each has its own sound; you will find out which one to use depending on the recording context. With or without Jello, meet the Surround microphone, the U87 studio microphone, the Lavalier, the hydrophone, the contact microphone, and the Shotgun microphone.

About Nathalie Leblanc
Nathalie LeBlanc lives and works in Québec City. While completing her Master’s studies in visual arts at Université Laval in 2015, she had privileged access to Avatar’s studios, thanks to a partnership made possible by the René-Richard Foundation. Since 2012, her videos have been part of many collective events in Québec City, Montréal, and Toronto. They have been shown as part of Espaces en pratique at l'Oeil de Poisson, at Ciné-Arprim, at the Wardrobe International Film Festival, at Folie/Culture’s Minute vidéo, at Monobandes III at Galerie Les Territoires, and at the Prix du très court métrage Georges Laoun Opticien Oboro. A Première Ovation grantee, she has been in charge of technical and artistic support at Avatar since 2015. A year ago, she started giving training sessions in sound recording to introduce artists to the practice of audio art.
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The Technical Desserts are an original idea of Avatar’s Nathalie LeBlanc. Josiane Roberge has been selected to design and direct the clips. Thanks to the artists and members who have played along!

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