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Technical Desserts - Fred Lebrasseur
Technical Desserts - Fred Lebrasseur Avatar (2018)

A first tutorial revealing the technical tips of Fred Lebrasseur !

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Avatar is happy to announce its Technical Desserts, a playful initiative designed to provide technical advice through the practices of artist members and artists in residencies. As it demystifies technical processes involved in the creation of installations, mechanisms and prototypes, Technical Desserts highlight the equipment and expertise available to artists at Avatar. Unravelling a world of possibilities, the series of clips presents artists’ perspective on technique as a constituent of sound and electronic art.

For the first clip of the series, Avatar has asked multidisciplinary artist and musician Fred Lebrasseur to play along. With his unique energetic bubbly approach, his clip presents the DadaMachine, a Berliner "automat toolkit" that allows you to produce acoustic music with a computer. Lebrasseur used it in his installation "Dialogue de bois" that was presented last summer at the Moulin de la Chevrotière in Deschambault. The artist’ sweet-tasting, spontaneous aesthetic activates solenoids to create sound installations… or enjoy your favorite dessert.

About Fred Lebrasseur

A natural-born improviser and musician, a noise and multidisciplinary artist, Frédéric Lebrasseur has presented his work in over 25 countries. He creates dynamic sound universes, especially for theatre, films and circus (Machine de cirque), visual arts and contemporary dance. He has worked with directors such as Claudie Gagnon, Karine Ledoyen, Gill Champagne, Pierre M. Trudeau and Robert Lepage on a variety of productions. In parallel, he has been involved with orchestras of various musical styles such as Ranch-O-Banjo and Interférence Sardines. 

Artist’s website

Avatar extends heartfelt thanks to Josiane Roberge for designing and directing the clips. Many thanks also to the artists and members who played along!

Screen capture - Technical Desserts 2018
Screen capture - Technical Desserts 2018
Screen capture - Technical Desserts 2018
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