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Prix Avatar 2018
Prix Avatar 2018 Dany Massicotte & Sophie Lauzé (2018)

Avatar grants the 2018 Avatar Prize to Dany Massicotte. Sophie Lauzé receives a mention

Proud to encourage the practice of emerging art in Quebec, Avatar has been awarding the Avatar Prize, since 2006, to a student or group of graduates who have shown an interest in the media arts, sound or electronic arts, during his career, and whose work reveals a talent and a remarkable potential. This year, Avatar is very happy to award this prize to Dany Massicotte. As for Sophie Lauzé, she receives a mention. These awards were presented as part of ARTCORE's exhibition of the graduates of the Visual Arts and Media Arts Bachelor of Arts of l'Université Laval, held from May 17 to 27, 2018, at 295, Charest Boulevard East in Québec City.

During a visit of the exhibition, the jury, composed of Diane Landry and Myriam Lambert, President and Vice-President of Avatar's Board of Directors and Nathalie LeBlanc, Avatar's Technical and Artistic Support Manager, was touched by the work La Bibliothèque by Dany Massicotte. This installation stood out with its representation of knowledge and the exceptional quality of its presentation that distinguished itself from all the proposals. "The silence of the project has appeared to us as a remarkable strength. Creation has become more and more meaningful as our exchanges evolve." - Diane Landry. The many avenues of reading offered by the proposal particularly surprised the members of the jury.

With this award, the artist wins a two-week residency at Avatar with free access to our professional equipment, artistic and technical support for the realization of a project of his choice, a user member status for the year 2018-2019, as well as a $500 cash prize.
This year, Avatar also wanted to give a mention to Sophie Lauzé. The experimental aspect and the spatial strategy explored in his work are of surprising relevance. The jury was impressed by the attention given to the sound balance and the delicacy of the lighting which created a distinct environment in the installation. This price includes $150 value rental of our professional equipment.

Photo: La Bibliothèque by Dany Massicotte (2016) © Marion Gotti

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