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GE0433RPM/Golberg Experienced.04
GE0433RPM/Golberg Experienced.04 Patrick Bernatchez (2014)

February 6 to February 12, 2014 in Avatar’s studio

After collaborating with American pianist David Kaplan on the production of a series of explorations using Jean-Sébastien Bach’s Variations Golberg, artist Patrick Bernatchez has separated the left hand and the right hand partitions on several vinyl records

He has used these musical tracks to create the soundtrack of an art film on which he has been working for 2 years. Now, with the help of Avatar, Patrick Bernatchez is developing a new variation of his project, a whole autonomous audio work with 8 disklavier pianos. In our studio, he will create an adaptation for piano of this work originally designed for record players. This version will include myriads of loops played by 8 mechanical pianos or by 8 live pianists in concert. Some Bach excerpts will come out of it, but the result will be closer to the serial music of Steve Reich, Therry Reilly or Philipp Glass. 

The production of this project is supported by Avatar.

Photo: Toni Hafkenscheid, courtesy of Diaz Contemporary, Toronto

Patrick Bernatchez
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