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Publication New Media : Methods and Practices
Publication New Media : Methods and Practices AVATAR (2015)

A hazy thematic

Without preparing conference proceedings per se, Avatar chose to gather in this publication five essays of personal reflections that take the reader to the heart of issues raised during the "New Media : Methods and Practices" conference held at the Salle Multi of the Cooperative Meduse on March 2014.

Organizing a conference on the current practices of “new media” with a vague theme certainly expands the parameters of discussion, but it also imposes the need to see and show, in different ways, the dynamics engendered by digital culture and media networks, as well as their ramifications for the methods and practices of artists. Starting from this premise, Avatar embarked on the adventure of a collective creation directly through the conference itself with David Tudor’s Rainforest IV.

In short, the observations made in this publication relate to the changes that have been occurring in artistic methods and practices as a counterpoint to digital and media art. There is a direct resonance between these dynamics and the fields explored by Avatar.

Texts by Julie Faubert, Nathalie Bachand, Jocelyn Robert, Émile Morin and Caroline Gagné

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Nouveaux médias: méthodes et pratiques
Nouveaux médias: méthodes et pratiques
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