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Markers Avatar (2020)


The world is being redefined; the signals of our civilization are crumbling.
As conventional markers lose their meaning, we have to make new foghorns vibrate, light unexpected lanterns for an irrevocable world that cannot be turned back to the beginning.

Given the widespread closures in Quebec this spring and aware of the financial precariousness this entails for those working in the cultural milieu, Avatar has chosen to maintain its supporting function by launching a new platform for sound artists creating from home. Avatar has selected twenty-five artists to create an audio work of 3 minutes in length around the notion of markers. Three of these Miniatures will be released every week starting in April.

In addition, four other artists will each explore the same notion in a Sound Excavation of 25 to 30 minutes in length. One work will be released every week as of June 3.


TO FOLLOW THE PROJECT OVERALL: https://avatarquebec.bandcamp.com

Érick d'Orion  Alexandre St-Onge  Le bureau de l'APA  Caroline Gagné et Christophe Havard Alexandre Berthier Alexandre Bérubé Georges Azzaria Martin Tétreault Giorgia Volpe Hélène Prévost Éric Normand Mathieu Campagna Pascal Robitaille Virginie Laganière Charles-Émile Beullac Miriane Rouillard Magali Babin Béchard Hudon Catherine Bélanger Pascale LeBlanc Lavigne Patrice Coulombe Josué Beaucage Frédéric Auger Ariane Plante

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