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Les oreilles gonflées
Les oreilles gonflées Joëlle Ciona et Jean Routhier (1996)

From February to June 1996, Joëlle Ciona and Jean Routhier took a journey to explore the soundscapes of North America.

Their route took them from Montreal down the east coast to Texas, south into Mexico, and then back up the west coast. They travelled through Canada to the province of Manitoba, dipped back into the United States, and then stopped in Toronto before finally returning to Quebec.

Later, the artists presented the results of their trip twice a month in the form of slides and sound samples. The sound collages were loosely constructed, and presented in a nomadic fashion using a portable FM transmitter. The samples were then sent to the Zone sonore program on Montreal radio station CIBL, before finally being compiled in an audio-visual installation at Avatar. Visitors could also listen to the sound montages and view images to track the artists’ progress. In the end, their exploration was made into a book and portable installation. 

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