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La salle des nœuds
La salle des nœuds Émile Morin et Jocelyn Robert (1996)

La salle des nœuds was a 1996 installation for the La parallaxe symposium.

Jocelyn Robert and Émile Morin came up with the basic concept of the project for their installation, which was a conceptual and physical structure based on the application of the theories of complex systems and networked art.

La salle des nœuds is an independent installation using a Lorenz attractor as its generator. The Lorenz attractor is a basic equation from chaos theory that reproduces certain naturally occurring dynamics.

The installation is a variation on the Lorenz attractor based on the interactions between devices and systems triggered mathematically. La salle des nœuds constantly changes with each performance. As time passed, the project evolved to incorporate further audio and IT developments.

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