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La petite parallaxe
La petite parallaxe Louis Ouellet, Jocelyn Robert, Émile Morin, Doyon/Demers, Diane Landry, Roger Morin, Pierre Racine (1996)

The ICT installation La petite parallaxe was a concept developed by Émile Morin and Jocelyn Robert. It was set up by Obscure’s IT lab with Avatar’s assistance.

La petite parallaxe was a system made up of three elements: Le site de capture (Capture Site), La salle des nœuds (Knot Room), and Le site du phare (Lighthouse Room). Based on data collected by Le site de capture in real time in the woods at Saint-Raymond de Portneuf, Avatar implemented a transmission matrix for the data collected.

In Quebec City, La salle des nœuds was a translation machine, a complex mechanism to untangle and reassemble the stream of data from the forest, and extrapolate sounds, images, and electronic and movement language from the information received. Once translated, the results were sent to Le site du phare in various forms.

Le site du phare was located in Innsbruck’s Andechshof Gallery. The system sent light messages at different times and transmitted the pulses received from the matrix at regular intervals. The beacon also acted as a bridge transporting the forest through the machine, like a salmon swimming upstream. 

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