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La morue
La morue Diane Landry (1998)

Diane Landry gave an outstanding performance entitled La morue at the third Symposium en arts visuels de l’Abitibi-Témiscamingue, in Amos.

Avatar offered Diane studio time so she could better showcase the subtleties and the rich sounds of her installation with better contact microphones and professional grade technical equipment.

In La morue, spectators saw an assortment of objects placed on a long table. Mixed in with this bazaar were two turntables, each with halogen lights. The table and objects faced an immense white screen. The artist arrived and sat down at the table with her back to the public and began to place objects directly on the turntables. The two lights, which were placed close to each turntable, served as projectors and were controlled by rheostats. The giant silhouettes of the objects appeared or disappeared depending on their location in relation to the lights. Avatar helped greatly improve the audio aspect of this work. The pieces translated everyday items into sounds and created a new way of listening to daily life, expressed as audible structures. 

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