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La Macchina Ricordi analogique
La Macchina Ricordi analogique Pierre-André Arcand (1986)

It was a three-head stereo cassette deck that was modified to allow sounds to be recorded and reinserted on a loop of at least 4.5 seconds, using consecutive layers.

At the beginning, the track was blank. The initial sounds were recorded and then amplified, repeated, and reinserted just as new signals were recorded, and subsequently repeated and reinserted in a continuing loop. The result was a continuum of sound that was continually changing and being created layer by layer on the spot in an effect that suggested waiting and overlapping. The finished piece was an environmental blending of sound and a compression of the present moment. Obviously, the rules of composition were imposed as the process unfolded. The system forced the artist to create an audio piece live and enabled him to open the closed circuit of the loop and increase its effects. 

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