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Fracture mob - audio walk
Fracture mob - audio walk Jennie Savage (2014)

Departure: October 3, 2014, 1:30 PM at Avatar
Co-produced by Stress.fm

Artist Jennie Savage is inviting the people of 94 cities to get lost simultaneously. Participants will imagine other listeners in Kiev, in Moscow, in Gaza or in Bagdad.

Savage sets a fictional space connecting people through the act of walking, through a drift that gives them an opportunity to be surprised by their local geography.


Recorded on 5 continents, Jennie Savage’s audio walk is an invitation to wander around souks of Morocco, streets of India, tropical beaches, a market in London, animated European cities and a snow-covered Quebec City. One only needs to follow the instructions of this 30-minute guided drift to get to potentially unknown places. The audience will follow the same circuit in the various cities, with the same sounds guiding them, in different geographical locations.


Avatar will be providing iPods and headphones. 

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