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Hole in the Head
Hole in the Head Christof Migone (1997)

Hole in the Head is a collection of sound inventions by Christof Migone. These works evoke that disquieting, disruptive, and degenerate voice in our heads that haunts our every word and thought.

The abrasive, haunting sounds of Hole in the Head weave together vocal organisms and electronic circuits through audio editing, allowing them to reflect and contaminate one another. Creativity springs up on the threshold of linguistic disintegration and the cusp of electronics, where codes are transgressed and nonsense takes root, where auditory distortions, interference, and noise come together in rapturous, frenzied, “schizophrenic” art. (After Allen Weiss.)

Hole in the Head was launched at Vancouver’s Western Front on January 31, 1997.

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