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Écrire fait du bruit / Eres +21
Écrire fait du bruit / Eres +21 Pierre-André Arcand (1997)

For this disk, the first in the Eres series, Pierre-André Arcand wanted to combine written text and sound.

He worked on the disk Eres +21 and the booklet Ecrire fait du bruit at an Avatar residency in April 1997. The disk features pieces composed on his macchina ricordi, which records, processes, and structures words, the voice, noises, and instruments through repetition and accumulation. The booklet is a collection of Arcand’s writings between 1980 and 1991 and includes poems, poem scores, sound writing, processes, and techniques, all transcended in desire and the pleasure of the text.   

The set was launched late in 1997. On November 7, 1998, Mario Gauthier broadcast the recording in its entirety and spoke with the artist on L’espace du son on Radio-Canada’s Chaîne culturelle. 

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